As another year draws to a close, we have one last awards post to share with you.  Last night (30th November) was the UK Search Awards, and you guessed it, we bagged ourselves some more keepsakes for the keepsake cupboard.

But what did you win, we hear you cry! We hear you, and to you we say, patience is a virtue, allow us to bask in this glory a little while longer.

OK, we are sufficiently basked.

First Up for the UK Search Awards

Our now long-standing client, Perfume Direct, with whom we have been breaking bread for several years turned up another dazzler this year, as we took their sales to new heights with our campaign New Scents of Direction. As with all our long-standing clients, we never stagnate, we adapt, we test, we trial. We come up with new ways of working, we improve constantly and all the while we learn.

Winning the silver in the Best Integrated Campaign category, honours the whole company here at TIDAL, but also owes thanks to the team at Perfume Direct who have worked closely with us all the way. The competition in this category was very tough.

Spectacular recognition, from a spectacular collaborative campaign.

The Big One

We took the title just last week at the MENA Search Awards, and we took it again last night at the UK Search Awards, so I guess it must be true. We were voted the Best Small Integrated Search Agency, straight off the back of winning the Best Start Up at 3 ceremonies last year. This is the one we were hoping for as it shows how far we’ve come in such a little amount of time.

The thanks go to everyone past and present at TIDAL Digital. What we achieve is a team effort, and for good or bad, every move we make, brings us experience. Thankfully, it’s for the most part good, even great.

What a Year

So, that makes it 10 awards this year, a clean sweep, you could say. A clean sweep, some happy clients, an incredible team and its up, up and away into our 4th year. Why don’t you come and join us? Client or employee, we’re keeping it moving!

As always, a huge thanks to the gang at Don’t Panic events, and a big shout and much love to the rest of the industry, this community rocks!

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