A TIDAL Digital Birthday Post

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it was another year flying by at TIDAL Digital.

A belated birthday wish is as good as one delivered on time, right? We’ve been that busy helping our clients achieve awesome results, our birthday came and went without cake or bunting. On the 21st of last month (July), TIDAL Digital turned three.

Looking at what we’ve achieved in this relatively short space of time, you’d be forgiven for thinking we’d been around a lot longer than that. We’ve certainly grown some, now employing 20 staff across several countries, the business is shaping up nicely.

As with any start-up, there has been an immense amount of work put into getting the business off the ground. For the first year, founders Simon and Liam worked tirelessly, so much so, that people wondered if they actually slept. It was a labour of love though, and today they can look back at that time from a position of success with a company that’s making big moves in the world of digital marketing.

Experience X Knowledge = Success

Between the two, they have over 20 years’ experience in the field and this shows in our results. Being a performance marketing agency, we stay frosty, always looking for new ways and innovations to keep us ahead of the game. Liam says this has been pivotal to our success so far and he had this to say,

“We’ve built an exceptionally strong and diverse team over the past three years, hiring people in three different countries, it’s been no mean feat to do this and we’ve had to endure some pain along the way in terms of finding the right talent that fit into our ethos. The current dream team we have are an incredibly skilled and passionate set of superstars who are achieving some breathtaking results for their campaigns across small, medium, and globally recognized brands.”

The approach has certainly paid off. Looking to the future, TIDAL aims to stay ahead of the game by continually adapting and learning. Our team is always working hard to brush up on its mastery, believing that staying on top of new trends and techniques gives us a big advantage over the rest.

We also invest heavily in the team’s knowledge, with regimented training programs and regular meetings, presentations and client catch-ups. Always keeping a fun edge to the business, staff retention is now at an all time high, which is a great indication of a positive workplace culture and environment.  

Staying Out at the Front

So, as the tail end of 2022 plays out, there are a few more award ceremonies offering chances to propel our figures towards the thirties, and undoubtedly TIDAL Digital will be in the running.

Never slowing, the business is continually pitching new prospects, adding to the team and looking to scale the business further. If that trajectory continues, it will only be a matter of months before we can enter the ‘large agency’ award categories. Stay tuned.

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