Social Media Retargeting

Social Media Retargeting


ith nearly 4 billion of us now linked to one social media platform or another, capitalising on its outreach can pay dividends. There are many ways to promote your business through social media, with some more effective than others.

Your social media presence is highly important. It’s a great way to interact with your audience and let them know about your products, services and relatable values. Marketing strategies are fairly simple to outlay, although tracking the success of the campaign can often lead to unquantifiable uncertainty.

With social media retargeting you are presented with a measurable indication through the success of the targeted advert.

The Encore

One technique that we favour however, is social media retargeting. If we consider your website your onstage performance, social media retargeting is your encore. You’ll no doubt have noticed targeted marketing of this variety.

If you’ve been looking for garden furniture through the morning, you might find that the advertisements you see through the afternoon show the specifics of your searches. This is retargeted marketing in action.

C is for Cookie

When you browse the internet, you’ll often need to allow cookies. Cookies document your travels through the world wide web. Cookies help your computer recognise your last activity on any given web page. They can also be used by your social media retargeting partner to filter down marketing recommendations.

Using garden furniture as the example again. Let’s say you visit a site for a garden furniture retailer and browse their section for sun loungers. You look at a couple of individual items and then distracted by a notification of a message, head to Facebook.

After you’ve replied to your message you scroll through your Facebook newsfeed. In the targeted ads you see an advert for the sun lounger you’ve been looking at. Sometime later in the day you upload some photos of a walnut bread you made to Instagram, again you see the ad and are reminded of your intention to purchase the lounger.

That’s a Wrap

Clicking the ad, you’re fed back to the retailer’s site where you proceed to complete the purchase. The sale is logged through link attribution to the retargeted ad making for a trackable sale through targeted advertisement.

Remind, Retarget

With an estimated 96% of online shoppers only browsing upon their first visit to your site, it pays to keep yourself fresh in their mind. With social media retargeting you can target the ads to individuals as well as groups of visitors to your site. By personalising the ad campaign to the individual or collective group, you increase the chance of conversion.

As with all marketing campaigns, over time you can refine your technique. Personalised ads, timed perfectly create a better customer experience and with increased engagement, comes increased ROI.

For more information on how Social Media Retargeting can be used to identify opportunities for your business, feel free to contact us today we’d be delighted to discuss your business goals with you.

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