Project Description


Challenge came to us out at the back of the starting grid. Revving up the numbers was the priority. As an online magazine the metrics were easily measured, we just had to work out how to increase what we were seeing. Autodrift wanted to bring the readers in with top quality content, and then keep them there with a high quantity of content. This was a different sort of challenge for Tidal as the pay-off was not a sale or subscription but maximising the traffic through the site.


As content was very much king with this project, we built on the blogs and keywords. Using heavily researched content, we created evergreen content based around cars, driving and the middle east. The big pieces like car reviews, showcases and up to date industry news were supported by tutorials on car care, driving in certain weather conditions and what was happening on the tarmac around the region. Through our hard work on link building and killer keyword combos we made huge impact on traffic. Hitting record traffic last month, we’ve really seen the fruits of our labour grow based on the SEO techniques and content strategies we put in place.

Running an Automotive magazine which is continuously being updated with fresh content can be extremely hectic and sometimes objectives can become too diffused. Working with the team at Tidal has eliminated this issue for us. The team are super professional and have seamlessly slotted in alongside our in-house team thanks in part, to their deep knowledge and understanding of providing digital marketing solutions.

Musfir Khawaja, Autodrift

Tidal’s dedication to excellence resulted in MLS becoming the leading meat supplier in a competitive, changing market. Their marketing expertise allowed us to easily launch and grow as a company. The hard work and commitment from the Tidal team give us peace of mind as we continue to grow our business. I cannot recommend their high-quality services enough.



site visits in 2 months
sales in first 2 months

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