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Picture Perfect – Tidal X The Studio

Sharing a project between companies is a great idea for many reasons. You get the opportunity to benefit from specialists in fields other than your own on different aspects of your project, putting the best people in the right jobs. As well as this, the opportunity to share ideas, successes and even failures with other businesses can help to refine your own ideas and goals and end up achieving some truly remarkable results.

Choosing the right company to support your own business endeavours can have a massive impact on the success of your ventures. Nobody wants every business decision to end up being a battle, or to feel pressured into accepting practices they might normally avoid, so finding a company that shares your values and appreciates the nature and goals of your own business is really important.

You should also try to ensure that whoever you are working with is fully equipped and prepared to execute whatever you have in mind. Unexpected limitations in a project that is already underway can be costly as well as leading to a disappointing end result.

The project undertaken between Tidal Digital Media and The Studio Dubai is a beautiful example of how the best people in the right jobs can achieve great results.

Wonders With Words

The Studio is a well-established photography business with its own personality and atmosphere and a brilliant team behind it. Tidal Digital Media provided the technical and textual support to allow them to show this through their website and their blog.

By allowing the voice of The Studio to still permeate through texts provided by Tidal Digital Media, the finished product was professional, reader-friendly and still very much recognisable as part of The Studio’s brand.

Close collaboration was required on the project. Lists of keywords and associated phrases were provided by The Studio, along with a list of general guidelines, including the length of each piece and a schedule of completion.

This information was used to create a general template for blogs and product descriptions. The resulting pieces match The Studio’s brand and personality to perfection, meaning this was a successful project for all concerned.

The beauty of a good working relationship is that any perceived issues or changes that may need to be made to the project can be ironed out openly and professionally before any launch. A partner company who understands your business needs is bound to show more flexibility towards achieving them. This support alone can make a massive difference to a project, and to your peace of mind while undertaking it.

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