Landing Page Essentials

When it comes to landing pages, sticking by a few simple rules can make all the difference in capturing those conversions. A successful landing page will make quick work of converting site visitors, armed with just a few choice words, an image and a call to action.

These pages are a cut-to-the-chase, targeted campaign embedded in your website and linked through the rest of your marketing efforts. They’re a great way to monitor your marketing activity and solid evidence of a campaign’s success.

The Vital Elements

What a landing page should contain is:-

  • A punchy headline
  • A descriptive sub or supporting headline
  • Your USP’s
  • A succinct round-up of the product or service
  • Strong imagery that sums up the product/service
  • A punchy call to action
  • Quotes from a happy customers

Using the front-page story of a newspaper as an analogy, you can see how all these crucial elements work. The real meat of the story is found on pages 4-5, but you need to sell it with just one page, standing out from all the other papers and broadsheets.

Read All About It – Home Hitting Headlines

Your headline should say enough about your product or service to conjure up a solid picture of what it does or provides. At the same time, it should be short and to the point. Read All About It, leaves no doubt that everything you think should be contained within the newspaper, will be. It doesn’t mince words, Read, All, About, It.

The headline should perfectly reflect your USP (unique selling point).

Your sub or supporting headline would contain the juice of the story. “The Prince of Wellington Has His Rubber Boots Stuck in the Mud Again”. Again, you’re not aiming to sell the whole story, but provide enough information to hook the reader in and buy your paper.

A Good Picture Paints A Thousand Conversions

The image you use is equally as important, saying just as much about the product or service as the words. Finding something that puts the visitor in place of a user of your product or service. In the case of the newspaper, the picture needs to paint a thousand words.

Creating an emotional response is akin to going for the jugular in marketing, just make sure it’s the correct emotion.

I Couldn’t Believe What I’d Seen – Social Proofs

An eye-witness account is always going to play in your favour. If there’s one thing you can guarantee an internet shopper will be doing before a purchase, it’s reading a review. Why make them search?

Research suggests online shoppers will read on average, ten reviews before making a purchase. These social proofs help put the visitor at ease, knowing they’re not the first to take the plunge and won’t be stung.


Your call-to-action is where the conversion magic is going to happen. You’ve made the hard sell, it’s time to invite the purchase. Click here or buy now hold a lot of weight, sometimes too much and can deter a conversion.

The most successful call-to-action button will build on everything the page already contains.

Sitting as the focus of your page, your call-to-action button needs to be as inviting as the headline. Playing on the themes of your product or service, consider using a tag that dances around the desires of your product.

If we were selling pillows – “dream happy again”, fitness classes – “Step 1”. You get the idea.

A well-constructed landing page should channel the visitor towards the CTA button. This is where you’re creating the conversion, and is ultimately the goal of the landing page.