How Important is conversion rate optimisation?

So you’ve got your site up and running. Traffic numbers are consistent, pay-per-click is bringing through some numbers for the sales board. All signs are that the take-off was a success and you’re now cruising steadily. It’s time to figure out how to get this bird up to some serious altitude.

Let’s Bump Up Those Numbers, Rookie!

For any online business venture, especially those in the eCommerce sector, eCommerce conversion rate optimisation holds many advantages. From keeping a steady track of site figures and facts to highlighting where you need to focus your energy, CRO works to maximise the potential of the frameworks already in place.

Why is CRO important? CRO plays a crucial role in improving your website’s performance and driving more conversions. By analysing data and implementing effective strategies, CRO helps you identify areas for improvement and make necessary changes to increase your conversion rate. It allows you to make the most of the traffic you have, ultimately boosting your business’s success. By dividing your site visit numbers by sale figures, you can calculate your conversion rate. Focusing on increasing this rate will help you maximise the value of your existing traffic and optimise your business outcomes.

Finding Flightpaths

When looking to increase your online potential – CRO will help flag any areas where your site is not performing. It’s worthwhile to note that the attention span of your average shopper has dropped. With increased time spent on online and digital activities and its relentless cycle of clickbait ads and articles, quick fixes are all the rage at the moment. For this reason, you need to direct them via the path of least resistance.

Carving Out The Best Journey

If your site contains too many pages between the product description and the invitation to purchase/subscribe/request service, it’s more likely that they’ll end up somewhere with a more direct approach. Through CRO we can work out where the traffic trips and remove the hurdle.

Work through your site to make sure your message and products are loud and clear. CRO can be applied throughout the site but your main areas of interest would usually be:

  • Homepage
  • Navigation
  • Product Pages
  • Checkout Funnel
  • Cart

Your homepage is more than just a first impression, it’s your first opportunity to direct visitors through to the rest of the site. When completing an analysis of your site’s figures, popular products will usually be flagged by way of higher traffic. Using this knowledge, you can pre-empt your audience’s intentions by showcasing product information or direct them straight through to the product page with a link.

A/B Testing is Key

Landing pages make use of copy and keywords to attract clicks. Converting these leads is paramount to the success of the site so a little trial and error (A/B testing as it’s known in the industry) to see what content, CTA’s and layout works well, will empower you to make ground breaking results.

Blog CRO? Say What?

One of the greatest mediums for attracting potential customers is through a well crafted blog. This is something you can update regularly to keep your site content fresh and current. Making use of links through to product and pricing pages can really pay off. You’ve already captured their attention with the content so leading them through to relevant products should be a fairly simple step if done correctly. Using hotlinks in the content to products or a call to action (CTA) at the end can really help to push highly targeted users through the funnel.

Here Comes the Drinks Trolley

Your passengers are all on board, they bought the ticket for your airline. Now you need to make the sale. You get a couple of runs with the drinks trolley, a few announcements over the tannoy and that’s your lot.

Let’s say you have a conversion rate of 1%. This is a common figure we see amongst new businesses. If there are 1000 visitors in a day, you’ve got 10 sales. If you work on increasing the conversion rate, say to 4% through finding out what works most for your visitors, then you can soon turn that 10 into 40 sales.

It’s all in the science and only with this data can you effectively look back at ways to increase traffic.

case study – tidal X HOPI

Refining the customer journey, UI and UX of your website is just as (if not more) important as the setup and optimisation of the campaign which is driving the traffic.

The below image is data taken from one of our clients GA accounts (yes, we got approval first). Traffic from all channels was struggling to convert – particularly Organic Search and Paid Search. Campaign setup looked fine, so we decided to dive a little deeper into the UI/UX on the website and ran a CRO audit of the homepage.

After sharing the audit with the client, they quickly implemented the recommended changes, and the conversion rates experienced a rapid improvement within a few hours. The data below shows a week-on-week comparison before and after the conversion optimisation (CRO) audit, highlighting the notable differences.

✅ 300% increase in conversion rate
✅ 190% increase in transactions
✅ 96 % increase in revenue


Online trends tend to twist and turn. With our marketing expertise and industry insights we can keep your business flying high, ensuring you follow the path of least resistance to success.

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