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Getting Started with Link Building for SEO

There are three major themes to SEO that you will discover while scouring information about it. These are:

  1. Content
  2. User experience
  3. Links

Where all three of these components are equally essential when working on SEO, the last one is the most challenging and tricky to understand and achieve. The reason behind this is that while you can still control content and user experience to quite an extent, acquiring ‘links’ are in a realm beyond your control.

Link building for SEO is quite challenging. However, we have tried to compile a condensed yet comprehensive overview of the basics and actionable steps which can assist you in kick-starting your SEO link building on a positive note. 

Understanding the term ‘Link Building’

Link Building is an expression in SEO which is used to specify the procedure undertaken to channelize good links from other websites to your business site in an attempt to increase the traffic on your portal and build up your database.

Why Is It Significant?

What makes link building significant is the fact that it is the barometer for measuring the trustworthiness and quality of a content page, and it is adopted by Google. In fact, every business desires to have genuine and relevant links from reputable websites, which, in turn, will benchmark the authority of their sites on various search engines.

Irrespective of how important link building may be, Google wants people to link to these pages on their own, at their discretion. This may be because they admire the content on the page and not because there’s some incentive involved in doing so. Remember, the most common vernacular for SEO is link building, but it should not be paid for or self-created. Which is why ‘link building’ ought to be rechristened to ‘link earning.’

How to Build Links

Having understood all about link building, let us now see how we can achieve it. Here are some of the most basic methods that can enable link building for your business.

  1. Link Gap Analysis

Try ruling out and exploring the links which are available with your competitor. This backlink analysis method, also known as link gap analysis, can be done by using Moz Link Explorer’s Link Intersect Tool. Through this link intersect tool, you can get an insight into the linking strategy of your competitor. This works best with local businesses and is excellent for beginners.

  1. Email outreach

Email outreach is one of the most crucial skills which you will compulsorily require so as to be able to build links for your website. Keep in mind that your content should speak for what you are. It should be impressive enough for others to like and link to their contacts, thereby building a link chain leading to your site. Here are some points which can confirm success and help you in your endeavour to do so:

  • Making a genuine connection through the people you already know will help more, as connecting with them on social media and then asking them to link you becomes more genuine and simple.
  • People will be interested in linking you only if you sound valuable to them. Therefore, try offering something of value against your request to add you to their links. For instance, a content-hungry publisher will be more inclined to link you if you offer them a guest post in return.
  • Always ensure you sound valuable and interesting with the kind of content you are offering, as only then will genuine readers of the same genre automatically join in and link you without you having to ask them to do so.
  1. Services like HARO can contribute to your expertise greatly

HARO or Help a Reporter provides a database of sources to journalists for upcoming stories so as to enable successful media coverage. As a starter, you can obtain great advantages through services like HARO for capitalising in link building. Journalists begin sharing requests for posts once you sign up as a source.

The Way Forward

Link Building might not look or sound very simple, but it definitely is worth investing your time and patience in. And this crash course into the world of link building will set the backdrop for you to take it further, depending on your calibre and expertise.

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