The campaign had a solid start in October. Google Ads contributed 4 direct bookings on the Fresha platform, 60 leads (calls/emails/WhatsApps), and 5 gift card enquiries and Paid Social contributed 16 direct online bookings and 54 leads.

Looking at Google Ads, we can see that, other than brand searches (e.g. “SensAsia Spa”), “Thai Massage”, “Couple Massage” and keywords containing “Dubai”, like “Massage Dubai” have delivered the majority of leads and bookings. Once we have more data, we will be scheduling the ads based on the best performing time and days. For example, we’ve noticed that more conversions happen on Thursdays and Saturdays between midday and 5 pm – so we can set a rule to increase bids for these times, or stop our ads appearing at other times. These optimisations will improve the conversion rate and reduce the cost per lead.

Moving on to Paid Social, we gave some recommendations on creative, some of which have been actioned on the SENSASIA side. The testimonial creative has now been received and we will be working on updating the creatives early next week.

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