Another good month for SEO performance, August was a tough month to follow and although sessions and transactions were down month on month we delivered a healthy revenue figure all the same. Overall revenue was our highest to date and we are showing incremental growth through our cross channel strategy. Organic results did take a slight dip to the aggressive paid search activity but overall the strategy worked with a particularly strong end to the month witnessed.

Looking at the keyword ranking report there is some very pleasing movement in there indeed. We have now hit the top spot for a couple of keywords (butcher online & meat shop) 8 keywords now rank on the first page and overall keyword visibility is up by 800% when compared with the previous month. In August the website only ranked for 2 generic keywords whereas now the website ranking for 17 keywords in total. A great trend to see and we expect to see this continue into October and throughout Q4 as we continue to optimize the site in both languages and add fresh optimized content.


After a slower than expected start to the month, we managed to achieve the best month-to-date in terms of revenue generated across all channels. However, the real crown in the jewel was the performance of the paid channels. Based on last-click attribution the paid campaigns generated 510 orders in September (compared to 329 in August) and AED 96,500 in revenue (compared to AED 55,000 in August).

We made some sweeping changes to the campaigns at the beginning of September which helped to drive the performance during the last couple of weeks of the month. Additionally, we integrated Klaviyo with Facebook Ads Manager which has really helped us drive greater efficiency by utilizing our own first-party data in targeting and exclusion targeting.

Moving forward the aim is to improve the number of first-time buyers whilst also optimizing towards CPA and ROAS.

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