An exceptional month for SEO performance, a healthy increase when compared with September with a really positive jump of around 155 extra sessions when compared with the previous month also. Overall revenue for the second-month running was our highest to date and we are continuing to show monthly incremental growth through our cross channel strategy.

Looking at the keyword ranking report there are some very pleasing movements in there again, first place rankings have gone up for r the second month in a row. The first page and top 3 rankings have also continued their upward trend. Overall keyword ranking visibility is up by 46% this month and we are really happy to see this as it’s a clear indication that the SEO strategy is moving in the right direction.


Google Ads saw a significant improvement in October in comparison to other months. By testing and opening up Dynamic Search Ads we managed to almost double the number of transactions and revenue that comes via this channel.

Paid Social also saw a marked improvement in performance now we have Klaviyo set up fully and integrated with Ads Manager. Month-on-month the number of transactions and revenue increased which resulted in the CPA dropping.

Overall an outstanding month for performance. Our paid ROAS hit a record high of 3.8x and a total ROAS of 9.4x, which is second only to July. Total CPA was also very strong sitting at AED 20.42.

Moving forward we’ll continue to optimise the campaigns and drive greater efficiency. We’re also waiting for new creatives so we can refresh the paid social campaigns.

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