Another brilliant month for SEO performance, organic sessions were slightly down when compared with October but otherwise, we hit record highs for transactions and revenue. This was of course helped in part due to the offer that was running but even when compared to the previous sale we knocked it out of the park this month. Overall the cross channel strategy mix is also working extremely well with our best overall month to date witnessed also across all areas.

Overall keyword ranking visibility has increased again this month and this is great to see as it’s a clear indication that the SEO strategy is moving in the right direction. There has been some fluctuation in rankings this month but there is a solid set of ‘meat’, ‘butcher’ & ‘delivery’ related keywords on the first page of the results now and we see this set to continue as we are constantly optimizing your content and Metadata to increase keyword relevancy and add new keywords.


An outstanding for paid media in November with campaigns delivering 791 transactions at a value of AED 185,180. The great performance led to the lowest CPA for paid campaigns to date ( AED 41.51) and the best ROAS (5.6x).

Overall we had a record-breaking month, which included:

– Most transactions in a month (2,269)
– Most revenue in a month (AED 488,299)
– Second lowest monthly CPA (AED 14.47)
– Second highest monthly ROAS (14.9x)

Moving forward we have significantly cut budgets on the paid campaigns, but will continue to optimise campaigns towards driving as many transactions as possible with a solid ROAS.

Click here to download your November 2020 task completion list.