A brilliant month for organic performance with our highest number of sessions seen this year, transactions and revenue ere very similar to the month previous and were very slightly down. We’ve recently carried out a full audit of the new site template and found various areas for improvement, we strongly recommend implementing as much of this as possible, particularly on the Arabic site as this will help boost conversions.

We now have 53 keywords ranking in the top 3 positions organically (a new high), The site is really starting to show its dominance in the rankings with 30 keywords now holding their own in first place. We have a total of 103 keywords ranked on page 1 (previously 100), This is great to see this continued growth and is the key driver behind the rise in organic traffic seen this month.



The revenue generated from Performance campaigns were slightly lesser as compared to April.
Google ads campaign generated a revenue worth AED 76,016 after spending AED 4,404. This is a ROAS of 17.26.
The revenue came from 380 website transactions and 120 leads seeking MLS’s outlet location.
The conversion rate was 3.68% for May. Brand and dynamic search campaigns are performing well.

The social campaigns have contributed towards 831 purchases in May with a revenue of AED 149,306. Although the number of purchases in May is higher than number of purchases in April (746). there was a slight decrease in revenue compared to April. Moving forward, we will continue to optimise the campaign to further increase the number of purchases and drive a higher ROAS.
The MLS Gourmet campaign have also resulted in 6,907 clicks in May with an average CPC of AED 0.37.

The team is monitoring the account and optimising towards the increasing the conversions, thereby increasing revenue.


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