A tough month for SEO with good traffic registered (second-highest this year) but a dip seen in transactions and revenue (both lowest this year to date). The new template that’s been implemented seems to have had a negative impact on the numbers.

Traffic still seems pretty high so the data is leaning towards the site conversion not being where it needs to be. We have given a number of recommendations which have been implemented in part (still some work to be done on the Arabic side) it seems things are picking up into July with some huge numbers seen already, we know this is due to the lockdown but it looks like we are in for a huge month in July.

Keyword rankings are still doing very well and overall the picture for SEO is a positive one as we dominate the landscape for various meat, delivery, and online related keywords.


We’ve seen some strong figures across the website. The paid search generated revenue of AED 64,471 after spending AED 5,538. This is a ROAS of 11.64. This revenue came from 338 transactions and 88 leads seeking MLS outlets. Drilling down into the data, the conversion rate was 4.60%, suggesting the audience was qualified and engaged. The average CPC was AED 0.77, whilst the average session duration increased by 9% and pages per session were up 5%.

Paid social showed positive figures across the board too with 717 purchases worth AED 129,411. The campaign saw a CPC of AED 0.77 (same as above), with 31,316 clicks generated. The MLS Gourmet campaign resulted in 5,622 clicks (CPC AED 0.40). The conversation rate for paid social was up 22.5% to 1.52%.

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