An incredible month for Organic search with new heights reached for all key KPIs, revenue, sales, and transactions. Of course, the lockdown combined with the EID sale has played a factor in this but the huge amount of traffic that has been brought to the site through our combined strategy has really knocked it out of the park this month. A real pleasure to see these numbers and hopefully the sign of some great times ahead.


Paid performance welcomed its best-ever month in both Google Ads and Paid Social. Google ads welcomed revenue of AED 182,347 / OMR 19,114, with an AOV of AED 257.55 / OMR 27. There were 1054 conversions via Google Ads of which 708 were sales, and the rest included a variety of conversions including 138 direction button clicks. The total spend was AED 6048 so that makes the ROAS = 30.14. Paid Social generated AED 45,483 / OMR 4768 with 173 transactions, with an AOV of OMR 27.56. 55% of revenue came from Facebook and 45% from Instagram. The total spend was AED 25,078 which makes it a ROAS of 1.81.

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