Organic Performance in July was very pleasing in July with 99 transactions coming from around 4,000 sessions. 21.5k taken in revenue was also above what we expected and very impressive for an organic launch perspective in any industry.

Delivery-wise we have fully researched all possible keywords now and started feeding this into the website’s metadata and content. We have completed a thorough audit of the site and carried out the first phase of fixes/optimizations. Finally, we have also been working on link building for the website and so far we have acquired 10 new quality links.


Performance in July was well above what we expected, which is great. We generally look at the total CPA and total ROAS to determine paid performance as we understand, from a holistic point of view, paid channels contribute to the performance of all channels. Users will tend to see an ad on social, display, or search and will come back through Organic or Direct to convert.

What we’ve also noticed is that the ‘Referral’ channel in Google Analytics has been attributed to a lot of sales (547 sales with a value of AED 120k). This is because the payment gateway has been attributed a lot of sales on a last-click basis, however, we’ve now applied a fix in Google Analytics so this will no longer happen. We should have a much better understanding of channel performance at the end of August as a result.

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