A good steady month in terms of SEO numbers, very much in line with what we achieved in December. The same story is mirrored right through and it’s the same with the totals, it’s good to see that we are stable but we hope to see this start to build from February, and then we will be looking at a very strong 2021.

We now have 5 keywords ranking in #1 position organically and 26 on the first page which is still terrific considering the relative newness of the site. We’ve even started ranking for ‘online shopping’ related keywords and they have huge volumes in comparison to the rest, we will do some work on this in February with a bid to try and get a foothold on these terms as we feel it could be a game-changer for organic traffic.


A solid month on the paid side of things. With fewer transactions in January than December (594 vs 613) we managed to deliver more revenue (AED 143k vs AED 133k) – which means we’re now beginning to drive up the average order value. Continual optimizations into the audiences that are performing best and reallocating budgets have helped to maintain the performance throughout December and January with a decreased budget.

Overall, the ROAS is looking really strong. Paid channels alone delivered a ROAS of 8.7x and all channels delivered a total ROAS of 20.3x – which is fantastic.

Moving forward we are looking into the possibility of running ads on Twitter and will kick off the ‘Gourmet’ campaigns once we receive the creative.

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