A quieter month in regards to SEO performance although we still saw the third-highest month for organic revenue since we began. The same was mirrored with the overall cross channel strategy with the third-highest month so far for revenue. Organic impressions are seeing a healthy upward trend in Search Console and are now comfortably above 500 organic impressions per day now.

The keyword ranking report now tells a great story, ‘buy meat’, ‘livestock’, and ‘meat delivery’ are all key themes where we can see a lot of traction at the top end of the keyword rankings. MLS is well on its way to dominating and owning the online market in 2021 across all of these key themes.


An outstanding month from the paid channels in December. Although we reduced the budget by more than 50%, we still managed to deliver 75% of the previous month’s revenue.

Paid channels had the best ROAS to date (8.2x), which contributed to a total ROAS of 22.4x.

Moving forward we will continue to optimise our Google Ads campaigns towards the best performing keywords, whilst test and optimising new audiences on Facebook Ads Manager. We will also review all creative this month and look to freshen up any ads that are experiencing fatigue.

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