A solid month for SEO performance, Thursday 20th of August saw the new highest total for daily organic visits set at 280 sessions in a single day. Overall traffic numbers slightly up on the previous month but some nice positive growth seen on pages visited per user, average session duration, and pages visited. This shows users are engaging more with the website and then when we take a look at organic revenue and transactions there is a clear correlation there with some amazing figures delivered in August:

– 355 Transactions in August (vs 99 in July)
– Revenue was up by over 3x the amount made in July

Some key highlights of the areas we’ve improved this month:

– We’ve worked hard on the Arabic website this month (site audit, keyword research, and Metadata) and we will be optimizing the Arabic site fully in September in a bid to bring the most out of this side of the website.
– Blog, Menu, and Site recommendations have been partly actioned and once Raees finishes the last few recommendations the website is going to be in excellent shape SEO wise and also from a UX perspective.
– Domain Rating has now started to grow (0.3 rating – previously 0) this is due to the backlinks we’ve been building. Small numbers but growth are there and domain authority takes time to build.
– The site is starting to appear for shopping, muscat & purchase related keywords and this is very promising considering the infancy of the website.


Another promising month in terms of performance. As expected the CPA has climbed up and the ROAS has dropped from July to August, we’ve done a bit of a deep dive and highlighted some of the reasons why below:

– July was the height of lockdown and users were looking for new ways to shop online
– The “Eid effect”
– AOV was much higher in July (AED 225) than it was in August (AED 176)
– The brand awareness campaigns have affected the performance KPI’s (but are doing a great job in generating brand awareness)

That said, revenue was strong in August, with all channels contributing to a combined revenue (recorded in GA) of AED 263,000.

Moving into September we plan on expanding upon the current prospecting ad sets and testing some broader audiences while continuing to optimize the audiences and campaigns that we have.

It would be great to try some video creative across the funnel, but particularly at the awareness stage as we can optimize the creative towards video views.

Click here to download your July 2020 task completion list.