In July organic users hit an all-time high of 315 monthly users. Although the monthly record was broken, the daily & weekly record visit totals remain in 2019. Although some sales were attributed to Organic search the conversion rate was low at 0.72% for organic traffic.
Delivery-wise we have uploaded the first phase of optimized content to all of your category pages, we have been building quality backlinks also as well as making optimizations to the website itself.

Once the new blog section is in place (currently WIP) we will be able to open up further possibilities to drive traffic to the website through targeted content. Although early days yet we are already starting to see SEO metrics improve such as Domain Authority, number of ranked keywords, and average rank.


The performance across the board for paid has been poor. Although we’ve been able to drive traffic among relevant audiences (high-value users from Facebook and high intent users from Google Shopping) we’ve been unable to convert this traffic into sales. Multiple audiences, creatives, ad types, and campaigns have been tested, but to no avail.

As Kinloch recommended, we advise pausing paid activity and turning our attention to the website to complete a CRO audit and give some structured recommendations on how we can improve the conversion rate on the website, before turning the campaigns back on.

Click here to download your July 2020 task completion list.