SEO Overview

Record month for Organic traffic with a new high set at 217 Organic sessions for the month. Really pleasing to see the organic traffic increasing consistently three months in a row with no signs of slowing down as we hurtle towards 2021.

The top content again last month was the ” can you get a stipend mortgage” blog from May. Our recommendation for this month would be to create a dedicated landing page on the site for ” Stipend Mortgages” as we see a big opportunity there whilst also creating new content of a similar ilk. First-time buyer mortgages was also a very popular blog and that saw some good numbers this month again also, both big contributors to the record number of organic visits last month.

PPC Overview

A solid month on the paid front with campaigns delivering a total of 38 leads at a CPL (from paid campaigns) of £25.84 and a total CPL of £19.64.

We made quite a few changes to the campaigns this month with new longtail keywords being added to the campaigns however still the traction remains with few top converting keywords. Moving forward we’ll continue to focus on more generic keywords around ‘Mortgage Advisor’ and ‘Mortgage Broker’ to bring in higher quality and higher value leads.

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