SEO Overview

A fantastic month to end the year for Organic traffic with the second-highest month of the year for organic traffic with 190 sessions in December. 10 leads were level with November figures and overall a really strong and positive month to end the year on. Again a great month in regards to traffic and very positive signs for a great 2021.

Blogs are still bringing in the lion’s share of organic sessions with, stipend, joint borrower, and credit score blogs bringing in over 100 sessions between them. Bounce rate dropped slightly this month and conversion rate landed around 6%, we fully expect to see this trend continue to improve as we add more optimisations to the site in the form of services and locations, the blog strategy also seems to be working really well and we will look to do as much of this as possible in 2021.

PPC Overview

A great month to end in 2020. The campaigns are delivering consistent improvement in performance for the past few months and now with the increase in budget, they have been equally good. The campaigns delivered 59 Leads at a cost per lead of £19.50 with a conversion rate of 12.75%. 12.75% happens to be the best conversion rate to date. Out of the total 59 leads, 40 leads have come from non-student campaigns which is a special highlight for this month.

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