A positive uplift in sessions compared to the same period last year, 15% uplift in sessions observed. Month-on-month sessions were flat with almost the same number as the previous month however quite disappointingly the number of transactions and revenue did drop in September.

We have carried out a full audit of the site this month, looking at all technical areas and opportunities for improvement. We are hoping to make some positive changes to the site ASAP in a bid to get the site moving back in the right direction this month.


A bit of a difficult month for Drawdeck overall. ROAS was still ok (4.2x) however we struggled with the volume of transactions across all channels.

We have already been working on some major changes to the Google Ads account by pausing the Shopping campaigns, which weren’t performing well. We have also made further changes including bid optimization, new text in responsive ads, adding new audiences to existing campaigns, adding a new remarketing campaign, and adding new Dubai based keywords.

On the plus side, CTR, transactions, and revenue (based on last-click attribution) from Paid Social campaigns increase in September after updating our creative and using in-situ images in the catalog and collection ads using the feed.

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