Organic revenue and transactions saw an improvement in comparison to September. Keyword rankings had a great month also, the best month to date for keyword rankings – overall keyword visibility was up by 9%. Keywords ranking in the 1st position was also up to 9 (vs 8 in September) and we now have 70 keywords ranking on page 1. The keyword “wall art” has jumped up 2 places this month to 3rd place and this has a healthy volume of 1.6k so that’s a real nice win and a key highlight this month.

Organic impressions continue to grow each month and we hit a new record for daily organic impressions with 4879 daily organic impressions on October 26th. However whilst this is great to see and an indication SEO is growing to some extent, the click-through rate and visits are not following the same pattern, CTR has recently dropped to around 1% or lower and this is something we need to work on. We have just completed an overhaul of all of the current category level Meta data and we will be continuing to optimize all of the websites Meta data in November. We’ve a tonne of other on-going projects in the pipeline with the Drawdeck team and we’re going to be going above and beyond in November to try and make some headway on this campaign, there are signs there that things could be about to really take off and we need to hit it hard this month to make this happen.


We’ve spent a bit of time this month refining the keywords on Google Ads which means that we’re now driving higher quality traffic which we can see in Google Analytics. The bounce rate has improved 8.42% in October (34.90% vs 38.10% in September) and CTR has increased to an average of 17.69% (3.58% vs 3.04% in September).

The new creative and sale at the end of the month definitely helped overall, specifically with Paid Social. We can see that the ads we’re running on Facebook and Instagram contributed towards 44 transactions in October.

In general, after a slower month in September, performance improved in October across the board. With a slight increase in spending, we managed to drive significantly more transactions (100 vs 84) at a lower CPA (AED 155 vs AED 160) and increase the ROAS (4.8x vs 4.2x).

Moving forward our focus is getting Klaviyo set up and integrated properly with Facebook Ads so we can begin using automated audiences. We’re also looking to test more budget on Google Shopping, but waiting on Faraz to upload the new feed.

Click here to download your October 2020 task completion list.