Organic Performance in July saw a record high in Google Search Console for daily Organic impressions. The site had over 3000 impressions for the first time. Organic visits remained fairly flat in comparison to the previous month. Looking at revenue numbers July was a great month for Organic with transactions and revenue both doubling up on Junes totals. (from the same level of traffic). The keyword ranking dashboard has some interesting movements happening but overall nothing major to report this month.

Delivery-wise we have now also launched your blog on Drawdeck and started work on the implementations off the back of our site audit. Our link building campaign is showing some great growth numbers in your backlink profile with your overall number of links really showing some nice numbers. Again, ideally, we need to work with bloggers in August to continue this uplift in domain authority.


Similar to Draft, the focus this month was to make the paid campaigns more efficient. A lot of time and effort was spent optimizing across the funnel with new campaigns, audiences and ads / creative all being tested. We managed to drop the CPA from AED 170 in June to AED 107 in July with the ROAS increasing from 45.x in June to 5.7x in July.

Moving forward, the focus will be to maintain the CPA and ROAS while increasing revenue month-on-month.

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