A steady month to end the year with a month on month increase seen for both sessions and revenue for organic search. Definitely a positive month overall but we’re sure greater numbers can be achieved in 2021 once we carry out our planned initiatives. The keyword ranking report is really starting to pick up the pace, a few highlights noted this month were overall click share is up to almost 10% now for our target keywords, first place and top 3 keywords also saw a healthy increase this month and Drawdeck now owns the space for many keywords now such as ‘art prints’, ‘wall art’ and ‘art posters’ related keywords. Some great potential there for 2021, our aim is to get ‘canvas’ related keywords into the mix and also grow our short tail keyword visibility into the new year, and then we will start to see things blow up even further.


A bit of a slower month on the paid side of things for Drawdeck. Google Ads campaigns struggled to gain the traction they have had in recent months and this is something we’re looking into.

Total CPA was slightly over the target at AED 156, however, we did manage to deliver a solid total ROAS of 5.1x.

Moving into January we are looking at expanding campaigns on Google Ads, whilst optimising existing campaigns towards the best performing keywords. For Paid Social we will continue testing and optimising audiences and it would be great if we can have some new creative in the next couple of weeks.

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