SEO performance in August was fairly flat, there is a nice 30% growth of sessions when compared year on year but a month on month performance did drop slightly.

Transactions, sessions, and revenue were all roughly the same – 25% down versus July. What we have done though is put a huge amount of effort in this month to fully optimize all possible areas of the site, content, metadata, blogs and your backlink profile.

The Drawdeck website is holding its own on a large number of keywords on the first page which is good to see in the dashboard and this is set to increase further this month once we actuate all of our recent work.

Similarly to the draft we are working with Faraz on a number of initiatives to keep pushing the site from an SEO perspective. When we next mee tI can sit with you and talk through everything we done in more detail and no doubt we will generate more ideas and opportunities to keep pushing ahead. We know the SEO performance is not quite where we want it to be at the moment and once we have implemented all of our recommendations we are very confident we will start to see this trend turn positive.


In comparison to July, CPA increased slightly and ROAS dropped slightly, however, transactions were down 20% and revenue dropped by 13% month-on-month. This is particularly surprising given the sale was running for a couple of weeks!

Traffic to the website from all channels was on a par with July, however the conversion rate was significantly lower. Month-on-month, across all channels conversion rate, is down 20%. Interestingly, the mobile conversion rate dropped significantly by 36%.

Moving forward we’ll continue to test new audiences and optimize campaigns, and it would be good to get some fresh creative in the next few weeks, but most importantly I think we need to work closely with the Drawdeck team on any changes to the site.

We can discuss more on our co-working day and deep-dive into the conversion data and UI/UX to work on improving the conversion rate moving forward.

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