Organic Performance in July was flat when compared to the previous month, we are however starting to see a steady increase in impressions in Google Search Console and also some pleasing upward keyword movement. “Photo Printing Dubai” jumping up 29 places this month to rank in 41st place and “Print Photos Dubai” climbing a similar distance showing that growth is starting to happen in the right areas, within time this will convert into quality traffic.

Delivery-wise we have now launched your blog and carried out a full site audit. The first phase of the fixes from the site audit has now taken place and we have also written the first batch of optimized content to go on the service/category pages. Our link building campaign has slowly been gathering pace and the website domain authority has climbed slightly, to continue this we ideally need to work with some bloggers in August to continue this uplift in domain authority.


The focus this month on Draft was to make the campaign far more efficient. The CPA needed optimization, which in return would improve the ROAD. We scaled down the spend in order to hone in on the best performing campaigns and audiences and improve the CPA / ROAS. CPA in July was AED 71 (compare to AED 125 in June) and ROAS in July was 4.4x (compared to 2.6 in June).

The focus is now to scale the campaigns efficiently, driving more revenue but continuing to keep a consistently good CPA and ROAS.

Click here to download your July 2020 task completion list.