Our best month so far on Draft for Organic, transactions, sessions, and revenue all hitting their highest highs so far. Organic transactions were up by double when compared with September. The numbers still aren’t as high as we would have hoped at this stage but we are making gradual progress each month.

Page one keyword rankings remained fairly flat however rankings on the lower pages are showing a lot of growth, photo framing, picture printing & photo printing related keywords are all showing healthy growth and they have some great search volume. We will look to push these even further this month. We have various initiatives in progress at the moment and we hope to really make an impact on those with the team this month and we are sure this is going to have a positive impact. Organic impressions continue to grow steadily and we hit another record high in October with 154 daily organic impressions on October 24th. However click-through rate is dipping it seems so while it’s great that the website is being shown more these impressions are not turning into clicks, we will do a full refresh of all the sites Meta data this month and really look to try and boost this further to try and take advantage of this growing visibility.



Overall a slightly disappointing month for Draft. Although we had the second-highest month-to-date in terms of revenue, the campaigns and spend weren’t efficient enough for our liking and it’s something we need to work on moving forward.

The total CPA in October was AED 165 and we only achieved a ROAS of 2.8. The focus for this month will be to significantly imprive the efficiency of the campaigns to reduce the CPA and increase the ROAS.

We do need to refresh the creatives for both the Maps and the general Draft campaigns. All details have been shared on

Click here to download your October 2020 task completion list.