Our best month to date on SEO for Draft and a great month indeed. A new record set for revenue and transactions and second-highest month for traffic since the launch. Of course, the sale helped massively with the revenue but month in terms of SEO numbers everything looks really positive. We hit a record high for daily organic impressions on the 19th of December with 160 impressions in a single day.

We now rank for around 25 keywords on page one which is the highest we have seen so far, lots of positive movement throughout your keyword ranking report and things are heading well into the right direction ahead of 2021.


A second successive record-breaking month. Paid channels delivered the second-highest number of transactions in a month (52 vs 53 best ever) and it was the best month-to-date for revenue with paid channels directly responsive for over AED 21,000 of revenue.

In terms of KPI performance, we achieved a CPA of AED 102, a paid ROAS of 2x (best yet), and a total ROAS of 3.4x.


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