Incredible month for overall revenue with just short of 998k taken (best month to date for revenue) Organic KPIs took a very slight dip in regards to revenue, bookings, and sessions but this was due to the cross channel strategy in play which yielded great results overall.

Keyword rankings still held firm with #1 rankings held for various beard and barbers terms. Top 3 rankings dipped slightly from 14 down to 11 but rankings on the first page saw a nice increase of around 25% extra keywords not ranking on the first page. Overall keyword visibility was up by 19% which is very pleasing to see. The blog homepage was the most visited page on the site in regards to content this month, Bounce rates are super low on the blog which is a great sign, however, new users are also low and this is something we need to work on as it appears to mainly be returning customers viewing the blogs.


Since we started tracking revenue in Google Analytics, September 2020 was the best month to date in terms of revenue generation across all channels. September 2020 was the second-best month for revenue generation from paid campaigns (behind August 2020).

Spend increase to just under AED 5,000 with campaigns (Google Ads = AED 2,409 / Facebook Ads = AED 2,291) for the month, up from AED 3,300 in August.

Although we made some major changes to the way Facebook campaigns worked (i.e. only ran blogs for the majority of the month) the Cost Per Booking for that channel (as tracked in Facebook Ads Manager) was AED 8.8. At the end of the month, we blended in pure performance as which is more ‘booking’ focused.

Overall another great month for performance which gives us a good platform to build on.

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