Another solid month in terms of SEO numbers, Sessions rose to its highest peak since May (over 12k organic visits) nearly 1100 bookings (compared to 900 in September). Revenue came in at around 175k for Organic and this again is the highest total we have seen since May.

Some terrific reading in the keyword rankings reports with 16 keywords now ranking in the top 3 positions (a new high). Whilst all this is amazing news, we’ve got a confession to make, the blog report was not configured correctly before – it was only tracking people who landed on a blog post rather than read it. If you check the blog report now you’ll be blown away by the blog visits from October. Movember and where we’re going absolutely knocked it out of the park last month.


Overall a brilliant month across paid channels. Google Ads saw an increase in all conversion metrics month-on-month:

– Conversion rate improved by 8.79% (21.56% vs 19.82%)
– Conversions increased by 29.66% (529 vs 408)
– Revenue increased by 13.40% (AED 74,258 vs AED 65,485)

Paid social also saw a boost in performance month-on-month. We can see in Facebook Ads Manager that our campaigns contributed towards driving 414 bookings in October, in comparison to 298 in September.

In total the CPA for October was AED 1.45 and ROAS of 107x.

Moving forward we will continue testing keywords and audiences and running daily optimisations on the account. We will also be refreshing the creative on all social ads once we receive the new images from the client.

Click here to download your October 2020 task completion list.