Another solid month in terms of SEO numbers, Sessions again climbed to beat last month’s lofty number of over 3,450 visits. Slightly fewer bookings and revenue when compared with October but still played a huge contribution to what has resulted as the second-highest month ever in total. 🙂

Some great results to see in the keyword rankings report also with 44 keywords now ranking on page 1 (a new high). Overall click share is now at 10%, (up 8% on last month) essentially what this is telling us is that Chaps owns 10% of the search results organically which is really fantastic to see. The content report looks good also last month with a wide range of blogs on the report, November doing the best as expected but also good to see “the fix” in there high up also. Now we have redesigned the blog it will be interesting to see the visitors’ patterns this month.


Paid campaigns delivered 508 bookings and AED 81,460 in revenue, which is a record number of bookings and revenue in a single month. Since June, paid campaign performance has seen a consistent growth of around 10% month-on-month.

Facebook / Instagram Ads contributed towards 435 bookings in November, which is the second-highest number to-date.

Overall, it was the second-highest month, behind October, in terms of total revenue (tracked iN GA). However, if we look at daily revenue, it was the best performing month-to-date.

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