Early days on the campaign and a very heavy month on research, auditing, and setup work. We have been link building though and also carried out a link cleanup in Google Search Console. Too early to tell what impact this has had but organic traffic did see an increase this month when compared with the previous month, leads remained exactly the same in number.

The most important discovery this month was the link profile audit where we unearthed a large number of low-quality links which we are now working through auditing even further to see which links we need to remove or keep. Further market research is still in progress and then this month will be the first month where we get under the hood of the website, work on the quick wins first and then begin to really optimize the site and its content.


This month has consisted of working through the quick wins we outlined in our initial proposal. We’ve optimised and added all missing extensions, optimized campaign settings, and implemented some new ad ads. We have also started restructuring the campaigns, which included removing irrelevant keywords, building out ad groups that have tighter keyword-ad relevance, and more optimised ads.

We have seen a dramatic increase in performance across all website and conversion metrics from August to September:

– Users > 51%
– New Users > 55%
– Sessions > 32%
– Bounce Rate < 16%
– Pages Per Session > 11%
– Conversion Rate > 85%
– Conversions > 144%

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We’ve noticed that some ad groups (related to Management Training mainly) need an extensive negative keyword list that will build up over time to ensure that we’re only appearing for relevant terms, so we’re continually working on and optimising this. We’ve also reduced bids on these keywords to get more traffic through the better converting keywords, and more clicks in general as the budget is limited.

Moving forward, the focus is on getting the Performance Dashboard up and running. We’ll share logins to this once it’s ready.

Click here to download your September 2020 task completion list.