A great month for Organic traffic as we hit a new record high for the month at 1034 visits. This is mostly down to the work we have done on the link profile, so far we have managed to remove 55 low-quality links from the backlink profile and in that time we have built 10 quality links to help give the domain authority a boost. Our domain rating has gone from 40 to 41 (rated by AHrefs) although this looks like a small increase points are hard to acquire in this area so this great to see and there is a clear correlation there with the organic traffic.

We’ve spent a lot of time this month reworking and optimizing your meta data, this is very much in line with the research we have been carrying out and the learnings we have made. The same information has been passed to the PPC team also and campaigns are being aligned accordingly. As we move into November our main focus is going to be on content optimisation on the website and blog and this will tie in nicely with the link building work and Meta.

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