Another solid month for Organic traffic as we hit the third-highest month ever, not far behind the previous month which shows we should be consistently able to hit around 1000 organic sessions per month now going forwards, however, the conversion rate has dropped and hasn’t had a good month this month when compared to months previous. Around 1.2% conversion rate is low and this is has continued into the first week of December. In order to improve on this, we feel changes/tests must be made to the website in order to try and boost conversion rates.

Overall traffic was very strong (our highest month so far during our campaign) and also the highest number of sessions in a single month since February. However, the same pattern remains for conversions showing that the website is not realizing its full potential.

We’ve spent a lot of time this month reworking and optimizing your metadata and site content to increase keyword relevancy and add in a new direction for your keyword focus. As we move into next month our main focus is going to be on content optimization on the website and blog and this will tie in nicely with the link building work we are working on in parallel.


“Although leads from Google Ads are not where we want them to be, we’ve been optimising the account significantly which has resulted in an increase in CTR and a reduction in CPC which means we are now getting more traffic for our budget.

In terms of optimisations taken on account this month, we have worked on the following:

Local Click to Call Campaigns for Search –
A new experimental campaign is built to encash users who search for certain terms where the SERP is dominated by map results.

Ad Scheduling
Based on the historical conversion data campaigns are now scheduled to run between 8 am to 9 pm and are off over the weekends.

New Dynamic Ads Campaign
This campaign is built and optimized to reach a wider audience in addition to the existing campaign keywords, using the website content as a benchmark of who to target.

Top Terms Campaign
This campaign has been created for top converting keywords based on historic data.

New Audiences
Continually testing new audiences using the best In-Market & Affinity Audience from Google Analytics.

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