Organic saw a slight decline in May with 11 leads from 1100 visits at a 1% conversion which was slightly behind the yearly average for 2021.

We’ve seen some very positive movement in the past month with ‘training company Dubai and ‘leadership development Dubai now reaching 2nd place. A group of keywords related to team building and virtual reality training are still holding the firm at #1 position this month. Some new keywords climbing onto the first page this month include ‘virtual learning Dubai and ‘corporate team activities’ with the last one seeing strong growth for a few months now and has just entered the first page.

Overall we now rank for 51% of our target keywords which has slightly dipped this month, 41 keywords now rank on page 1. We have recently carried out further meta and content optimisations on the most important pages on the site in a bid to keep pushing this further in the coming month and we strongly recommend these are uploaded to ensure these numbers keep moving in the right direction.


Overall the campaign has performed better than April, in terms of the volume of leads. As per Google analytics, 53 leads were generated at a CPL of AED145 as opposed to 40 leads at a CPL of AED182 in the month of April. As a trend majority of the leads have come from Training. The new keywords shared by the Biz group have not had huge traction in terms of leads.
We have also launched a retargeting campaign on LinkedIn towards the end of May. The campaign is still in the learning phase and has generated an average amount of clicks. We are optimising towards conversions at a lower CPL. The list of unengaged contacts shared has also been added to the campaign.
Currently, the concern lies in the quality of leads, which can largely be solved once we have the salesforce and Google ads integration.



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