A positive month for Organic Search with an increase in session leads and conversion rate when compared to May. The conversion rate was above the yearly average at 1,26%.

We’ve seen some super positive movement across the board in the past month with ‘training company Dubai now reaching #1! We now have 5 keywords holding the top position which is great to see. Other large volume keywords doing well on page one are team building Dubai, and virtual learning which has both seen huge jumps this month. Leadership and corporate keywords are also really doing well at the moment with a number of keywords on page 1.

Overall we now rank for 51.6% of our target keywords with 47 keywords on page 1. To keep this momentum going we strongly recommend the recent Meta Data we created in uploaded to ensure these numbers keep moving in the right direction.


Based on the feedback on the low-quality training leads, we’ve added negatives and pulled back on generic keywords, replacing them with more specific ones. This has reduced the number of leads for training, and so we’ve experienced an overall drop in June’s figures. More positively, we have increased the team building leads from 9 to 12. This month, our aim is to focus more on team building to hopefully generate more quality leads. We’re also looking ahead to fixing the Saleforce integration with Google Ads. This will allow us to optimise based on Saleforce leads and not Google Analytics leads.

The LinkedIn retargeting campaign has resulted in 49 clicks in June with an average CPC of $4.28. We haven’t seen any leads thus far, and so this month we’ll test different ad formats to capture in-form leads and improve the conversion rate.


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