A very strong month for organic traffic, only the third time in the last year when we have reached around the 1000 organic visits mark. Leads numbers were not huge but did register higher than the two previous months. The keyword ranking report looks really impressive this month with new keywords starting to show at the top of the results with key highlights such as ‘virtual reality training’, ‘leadership development programs’, ‘team building companies Dubai’ all holding #1 position, some of which for the first time.

Overall visibility percentage is up by 10% to almost 60% meaning we rank for 60% of our target keywords now which is a great achievement. We also now have 45 keywords ranking on the first page and 18 keywords ranking in the top 3 positions and these are the best results we have seen so far during the campaign, with some nice growth on display.


Over the course of January, we’ve been consistently optimising the campaigns towards the leads feedback received from the client and subsequently, new keywords and ads have been added to the campaigns. We’ve also continually grown our negative keyword list in-line with the feedback to reduce the number of unqualified leads.

We can see in Google Analytics that 10 leads for training, 9 leads for team building, and 1 lead for Axonify were delivered in January (a blend of qualified and unqualified).

Moving forward, connecting Salesforce to Google Ads is a very important and crucial step that is now in process and will help to improve the accuracy of our daily optimisations. The integration will allow us to automatically tally up Google Ads conversions with lead status and opportunity stages that are already tracked in Salesforce. Knowing this will give us transparency into lead stages throughout the sales funnel. The overall data helps in adjusting targets, budgets, and overall leadership strategy.

Click here to download your January 2021 task completion list.