A strong end to the year for Organic traffic, the 5th highest month for the year, and although there was a drop this was consistent with the previous December where the same pattern was witnessed. Year on year traffic was -8% so pretty much flat. Leads and conversion rate did improve slightly on the previous months’ performance. Looking at Google Search Console the site had the highest amount of organic impressions for the whole of 2020 on 15th of December with over 1000 daily impressions for the first time this year. December was also a very positive month for keyword rankings with ‘leadership training’ and ‘team-building’ both seeing some very positive uplift across a wide variety of related keywords.


A slower month in terms of leads, however, this is to be expected due to the seasonality.

During this month we tested new keywords and also restructured the campaigns towards best converting keywords. We have added new keywords and negatives to ensure we don’t spend on unwanted traffic. With new budgets in place for Jan 2021, we will be focusing on getting more leads by adding more keywords/themes and optimise each sector, Training / Team Building & Axonify separately.

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