After having a slow month in July, SEO performance has picked up in August, with the highest number of organic sessions since April.

“training company Dubai” and “virtual reality training Dubai” are still showing solid performance having top positions in the SERPs. “axonify” now ranks in the top 5 positions in the SERPs, which is an all-time high for this keyword in particular. The overall number of ranked keywords is seeing a month-on-month increase, and the average position for all ranked keywords is becoming higher. This month, we need to prioritize keywords that have moved down in positions, and keep optimizing blog posts to maximize organic traffic to the site through new target keywords.


The campaigns have delivered 28 Leads with a CPA of AED242 which is more or less the same as the previous month (27 Leads @ AED256 CPA). Lead distribution was 13 for Team Building, 3 Training, 4 Brand, 1 Axonify, 7 Dynamic search queries. Few important optimizations were done like; added new keywords and negatives based on Search Query Report, Bidding Strategy was changed to automated after pausing all the broad match keywords. New Audience was added for Team Building and also bid optimization was carried out at the Audience level to push performing ones and reduce those with no or high CPA. With all the optimizations this month we are expecting to have a better September once Google Automated bid strategy learns more.

The LinkedIn campaign has spent $262.15 in August, with all of the budget spent on InMail ads. The campaign had an average CTR of 72.23% and generated 6 leads. The main optimisations that were made to the campaign were creating the new ad copy for the InMail ads, and removing job titles with low CTR from the campaign targeting. Since the optimisations were made, the campaign has generated 5 leads (2 website leads + 3 LinkedIn Lead Form Leads). As the campaign hasn’t generated the desired results, we have paused the campaign, and for September, we will launch retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.


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