Tidal Achieve Facebook Agency Partner Status

So, we’re off to a flying start for 2021. There has been a buzz in the air around the office after the arrival of an email from social media overlords, Facebook. We’ve been selected as a ‘Facebook Agency Partner’, which for us, at our size and age is really great news.

Our new badge of honour essentially acts as a seal of approval from Facebook. Other businesses can now identify us as being one of the region’s leading agencies using the Facebook Ads platform, with a proven track record in driving results for our clients.

For us, it opens more avenues. Access to training to help us improve our Facebook campaigns, putting us in front of potential new clients who are looking for marketing experts, and support from the technical and customer teams over at Facebook.

All in all, this will allow us to further push the boundaries of what we can achieve for our clients with paid social media campaigns.

The ‘Partner’ status comes as a result of garnering growth through Facebook for our clients. We manage several campaigns and aside from our own analytical data we receive from the campaigns, this is a big thumbs up to suggest everything we’re doing, is having an impact.

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