Client Spotlight – Goodrays

Allow us to introduce our partner, Goodrays! The brand operates in the UK health and well-being market promoting their premium CBD products and relaxation, as well as trying to change the narrative around the cannabis plant.

Who are they?

Goodrays is the brainchild of founder Eoin Keenan. Working with the team of creators, artists and entrepreneurs, they have presided over the best way to deliver a dose of CBD. All this whilst pertaining to their ethos of responsibility to the environment, the health and well-being of their customers and providing a safe, flavoursome and fantastic way to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

What do they do?

The ambitious project was laid out, all with the goal of helping people relax. The relaxational properties of CBD have been documented throughout history, and the guys at Goodrays thought it was about time that the world had access to the experience.

The CBD compound is sourced from a sustainable farm in Colorado. This premium quality CBD, which is used across Goodrays’ full range, makes their products the highest quality, and most premium CBD product on the UK market today.

What do they sell?

Spending much time on research and development, Goodrays produced, firstly, a range of refreshing seltzers. Each can, available in four different flavours contains a 30mg dose of CBD.

Next up came their highly popular, chewable, delicious gummie sweets. They’re made using all natural ingredients, vibrant flavours and are an incredible way to enjoy the benefits of this plant, the gummies contain 25mg each.

Their final addition to the line-up are the CBD oil drops. Available in two flavours with the mint drops branded for evening use; the drops contain either 500mg or 1000mg and come with a small pipette for dosing.

CBD can be taken any time of day to suit any variety of benefits that you may wish to achieve. CBD has been shown to help with mobility, anxiety, insomnia, muscle recovery, depression and many more conditions.

Riding in on a wave?

Tidal came on board with Goodrays at the beginning of their journey. We’ve had the pleasure of watching them grow from a fledgling online shop to seeing their products in retail outlets such as Selfridges and Amazon, to becoming a thought leader within the wellness-product market.

Looking to the future, we hope to see Goodrays dominate the UKs CBD market with their incredible products, but also their drive and determination which has thus far, carried them spectacularly. Through the partnership with Tidal Digital, we’ll certainly be doing everything we can to see those goals achieved.

To check out their products for yourself (the gummies are our personal favourite! WOW!) head over to their website at

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