What Is Click Attribution?


hen we set out a marketing strategy for your business, we want to be able to demonstrate the difference we make. Tracking sales efficiently is not always easy and this is where ‘click attribution’ comes into play. Click attribution allows us to see what turned a click, into a sale.

The benefits of this far exceed us being able to simply boast about the total business we’ve brought in. With an in depth look at where clicks convert to customers, we can tailor your strategy further in relation to what works and maybe phase out what isn’t working for you.

What Are These Clicks I’ve Heard So Much About?

The two main ‘clicks’ taken into consideration are first and last. The first click might be when a consumer finds your site through an organic search. They may browse your products, sign up to your newsletter and carry on with their day. After a prompt from your newsletter, they may return and successfully complete a sale. This would be the last click.

Attributing these clicks to sales helps us come up with the figures that find the ROI your marketing campaign has produced. I’m sure you’ll agree, you need to see that it is money well spent. When we pinpoint the sales figures through click attribution, you are presented with a calculable figure with which you can ascertain a distinct profit margin to each area of your marketing push.


Google Analytics raw data is based on last click attribution, this is great for a top line view on your account performance. You can see exactly which channel made the sale and this style of reporting is good enough for most businesses. You made a sale? Cool! where did the sale come from? Email! Great news!

With last click attribution, what happens is we’ll credit 100% of the sale to the last click. As accurate as the last click is in giving us a figure, it does not necessarily explain the whole story and only offers one view on user behavior. That said, last click data is very easy to digest in a report, its a simple effective view and that’s why this is the choice of many.


The trick with the clicks, is to narrow it down further for a more in-depth answer. Another option is to look at data-driven click attribution. We’ve recently been gaining some great insights on our client accounts by using the new Google Analytics Attribution BETA which cleverly uses A.I. to work out where clicks should be assigned. If we find that the newsletter has a special offer that was driving in business, this not only provides evidence to you about your ROI. It also gives us clear indications of what creates the best conversions from your customers. Knowing the full path which triggered the purchase serves as invaluable information to us to create an informed strategy. We can track campaigns more effectively and determine the best strategy moving forward.

The below is a snapshot from the new Attribution BETA from GA showing how this report breaks down conversion paths to show us whats working well and also whats not working so well too:

For more information on how click attribution can be used to identify opportunities for your business, feel free to contact us today we’d be delighted to discuss your business goals with you.

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