The Benefits of Working with a Boutique Performance Agency

The Benefits of Working with a Boutique Performance Agency

We all know that bigger isn’t always better. Kevin Hart is consistently funnier than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, both good guys, both good actors, but Kevin is the comedian. If bigger meant better, then currencies the world over would make no sense whatsoever. So why would your digital marketing agency be any different?

You may have guessed already that we’re going to be telling you they are not. And you’d be correct. But we’re also going to tell you why, we’re going to tell you how and we’re going to do a little boasting about our successes. Leaving you with no doubt in your mind about where your money is best spent.

Firstly, lets tackle the basics.

What is a Boutique Agency?

Boutique, in the sense of our agency is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as, “a business or establishment that is small and sophisticated or fashionable”.

Small – Check.

Sophisticated – Check.

Fashionable – Check.

I think it’s safe to say, we’re one of very few boutique digital marketing agencies operating in Dubai. In the UK, although more populous we’re still operating at the top of a fairly niche segment of the market. As we look around our industry, what we see are a barrage of agencies that fall under the umbrella of larger groups or ones that are part of a global outfit.

These things simply aren’t us, and the following will hopefully explain why that isn’t such a bad thing.


As a smaller enterprise, we like to think we’re accountable from the top down, for everything we do. Allow me to digress for a second, in a large company, their clients are managed by any number of people in the office. There are possibly staff there who do not even know of your existence. Who can say if the best people for the job, are on the job?

At Tidal Digital, our smaller set-up means everyone knows the who, the what, the where and the why of each case. Through this (and a couple of apps and platforms) we operate like a collective knowledge on all projects. Where one of our wizards may hit a wall, another may have just the answer from a past experience, regardless of their field of expertise.

With the head honchos just sat in the office with the rest of the team, presiding over every little detail with their expertise that put the company where it is today, everyone is accountable. From the top to the bottom. This means that your whole journey with us, will always be a team effort.


You know the whole corporate interview process, don’t you find it overlooks whether the interviewee will fit in your team? Understandably, you can’t meet the whole corporation, it’s highly doubtful you were interviewed by the boss, it could’ve been someone from HR. With a boutique agency, you can bet that the experts led the interviews, and the team had a chance to meet the interviewee.

This guarantees the most personable staff you’re likely to meet. If you need a chat with the gaffer, they’re just a phone call away. Got a question about content, content writers are on the case. Design issues? Just a minute, we’ll get them on the line. Hand picked based on their expertise but also their ability to blend into our team like digital marketing chameleons, you’re also guaranteed a pleasant, smooth journey from day one.

Our streamlined set-up means we’re constantly engaging with colleagues on campaigns, as well as clients, to make sure we get every little detail right. And that is where our successes lie. In a fast-paced industry that is constantly changing and adapting, the corporate red tape seriously hinders the reactive response needed to keep your ship afloat.

Flexibility in Financials

When it comes to finances, we kind of have the edge on the big boys. Because we operate with a small, dedicated team, you find our turn-around times are much quicker. This gives you the financial advantage of seeing the ROI on your investment much sooner than you would with our corporate competitors.

This flexibility in finance helps us stay super competitive, we’ve no shareholders (other than staff), no investors, no real risks and as such, a no-nonsense approach to your success.

We’re just out here offering great results, with a great service from a great team. We hope this didn’t come across too boastful, but we’re incredibly proud of what we’ve created, and the results keep rolling in with an office trophy cabinet to show for it.

For more info or if you have any questions, you can reach us here.

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