As The World Prepares to Work From Home, We’ve Gone Back to the Office – Here’s Why…..

As lockdown came to an end, we crawled out of our caves and from under our rocks dishevelled, hair overgrown and eyes squinting in the bright light of the sun. Whilst working from home is an option, we craved some form of normality. We decided the time was right to commit to the daily commute, we decided to move into our magnificent new office in Downtown Dubai.

It would seem that WFH is going to be the new normal for many. For us here at Tidal Digital, we decided to make the office an option again. In a fast-paced environment relying heavily on creative minds, we needed to bounce off each other to help our creative juices flow.

The New Normal

Of course, we’ve implemented some new ways in which we arrive and interact. Daily temperature checks on arrival, hand sanitiser littering every available side and masks are a necessity unless you are sat at your desk. We’re also flexible in the way we work, if you choose to work from home, that’s fine with us. However we have found even with that option in place for all our team members, our office tends to be full all week.

Collaborate to Dominate

The key to our success is a collaboration of creative consciousnesses. With two new wizards recently joining our collective, having a sense of belonging to the Tidal family needed more than just a Zoom call. Meeting face to face, knowing the people you’re working alongside is an integral part of the process. Also, the training aspect works much better shoulder to shoulder with your mentor as opposed to staring blankly at a screen, dressed for work only from the waist up.

Inspired By The Burj

So, we’re back. We’re bigger, and boy have we missed the views from the office window. Long gone is the lockdown induced cabin fever of the same mundane four walls. When you get up and come to work at Tidal, you’re ready for work.

Work/Life Balance

As much as we’ve achieved through the pandemic so far; sitting around in your loungewear, on the couch at home doesn’t really instil the same drive as an upright chair, a desk and fresh coffee.

The other side of that delicious apple is arriving home. It feels great to kick off your shoes and switch off from it all. In lockdown, home is work, work is home.

Now we’re back in the office, work is work and home is home. (we’ve even got a pool table in our breakout area)

The Opposite of Networking is Not Working

Getting out and about again brings with it other advantages. Like networking. We managed to scoop two new leads last week just by being out and about in the thick of the action. One from a lift ride and one from a trip to the coffee shop. Unless your cats at home are thinking of a business start-up in tuna treats, it’s unlikely you’ll generate any new business from such interactions.

Since being back, everyone has a new lease of life. The office banter is flowing, the smell of coffee is in the air and the collective force of Tidal Digital is powering towards 2021.

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